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Occupational safety and health are of utmost importance across Europe. This article explores the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work and its vital role in ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. Discover how the agency's functions, partnerships, and initiatives contribute to improving workplace safety and health in European Union member states and beyond.

What is the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work (EU-OSHA)?

The European Agency for Safety & Health at Work, or EU-OSHA, is an essential organization within the European Union (EU) that promotes occupational safety and health. The agency operates under the fundamental belief that every worker has the right to a safe and healthy work environment.

Key Functions of the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

1. Research and Knowledge Development for Enhanced Occupational Safety and Health

The European Agency for Safety & Health at Work is committed to conducting extensive research and knowledge development initiatives to improve European occupational safety and health standards.

Identifying Emerging Risks and Trends

The agency conducts in-depth research studies and surveys to identify emerging industry risks and trends. The agency stays at the forefront of occupational safety and health issues by analysing data and monitoring workplace conditions. This enables them to proactively address emerging risks and develop strategies to mitigate potential hazards.

Developing Evidence-based Policies and Guidelines

Based on research findings, the agency develops evidence-based policies and guidelines that help shape national and European-level regulations. These policies and guidelines provide practical recommendations for employers, workers, and policymakers to create safe and healthy work environments. They cover various topics, including risk assessment methodologies, prevention strategies, psychosocial factors, and emerging areas like green jobs and digitalization.

2. Information Dissemination and Communication to Raise Awareness

The European Agency for Safety & Health at Work is a hub for valuable information and communication channels to promote workplace safety and health across Europe.

Comprehensive Databases and Reports

The agency collects and maintains comprehensive databases on occupational safety and health. These databases cover various aspects, such as workplace hazards, risk assessment tools, legislation, and best practices. The agency provides access to these databases, empowering employers, workers, and health and safety professionals to make informed decisions and develop effective safety measures.

Campaigns and Publications for Awareness-raising

The agency launches campaigns and publishes informative materials to raise awareness and foster a safety culture. These campaigns focus on specific topics, such as mental health, hazardous substances, and occupational diseases, and aim to reach a wide audience. By disseminating educational materials, brochures, fact sheets, and online resources, the agency ensures that workers and employers can access the latest information and guidance on occupational safety and health issues.

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3. Capacity Building and Networking for Collaboration

The European Agency for Safety & Health at Work actively engages in capacity-building initiatives and networking to foster collaboration among stakeholders in occupational safety and health.

Training Programs and Workshops

The agency offers training programs, workshops, and seminars that enhance the competencies of employers, workers, and health and safety professionals. These programs cover various topics, including risk assessment, prevention strategies, ergonomics, and psychosocial factors. By equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills, the agency strengthens its capacity to implement effective safety measures and create a safe work environment.

Fostering Networks and Partnerships

The agency fosters networks and partnerships with relevant stakeholders, including national authorities, employers' organizations, trade unions, and research institutions. Through these collaborations, the agency facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and good practices. It also encourages the establishment of national focal points, enabling member states to share information and collaborate on occupational safety and health initiatives. These networks and partnerships contribute to the collective efforts to improve workplace safety and health throughout Europe.

Impact of the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

The impact of the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work extends beyond Europe, influencing international health and safety consultants and organizations worldwide. The agency contributes to advancing workplace safety and health standards globally by sharing knowledge, research findings, and best practices. Its initiatives and resources provide valuable insights and support for consultants in delivering effective solutions to clients worldwide.


The European Agency for Safety & Health at Work is pivotal in promoting workplace safety and health across Europe. The agency empowers individuals, organizations, and governments to prioritize occupational safety and health through its research, information dissemination, capacity building, and networking efforts. By embracing the agency's functions and leveraging its resources, stakeholders can work together to create safer, healthier, and more productive workplaces. Together, let us achieve a culture of safety where every worker is protected from risks and workplace-related violence.

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