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In the realm of occupational safety, safeguarding the well-being of workers is paramount. In this article, we explore the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (EKAS), Switzerland's central authority for promoting workplace safety. Discover the meaning and significance of EKAS in coordinating safety efforts across industries and sectors in Switzerland.

Understanding EKAS

What is EKAS?

The Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (EKAS) serves as the central authority in Switzerland responsible for promoting and ensuring occupational safety practices. EKAS operates under the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER). With its mandate to coordinate and enhance workplace safety, EKAS plays a vital role in protecting the health and well-being of workers across the country.

EKAS's Scope of Work

EKAS's comprehensive scope of work encompasses a wide range of responsibilities to manage occupational safety effectively. EKAS collaborates with various stakeholders, including authorities, industry associations, and health and safety professionals, to develop and implement safety measures. The primary focus is establishing guidelines, conducting inspections, raising awareness, and supporting employers and employees in ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Key Functions of EKAS

Setting Occupational Safety Guidelines

EKAS is pivotal in developing and updating occupational safety guidelines and regulations. These guidelines provide a framework for employers to establish effective workplace safety measures. By following EKAS's guidelines, organizations can ensure compliance with legal requirements, identify potential hazards, and implement appropriate preventive measures. The guidelines cover diverse aspects of workplace safety, such as risk assessment, hazardous substance management, and safety procedures, enabling employers to create a safe working environment for their employees.

Conducting Inspections and Assessments

One of EKAS's crucial functions is to conduct inspections and assessments to evaluate compliance with occupational safety regulations. Trained inspectors from EKAS visit workplaces to identify potential hazards, assess risks, and ensure that safety standards are met. Through these inspections, EKAS aims to prevent accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses by enforcing safety measures and addressing non-compliance issues. The inspections also allow organizations to improve their safety protocols and enhance their overall safety culture.

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Promoting Awareness and Training

EKAS actively promotes awareness and provides training programs to enhance occupational safety practices. Recognizing that knowledge and awareness are essential for maintaining a safe work environment, EKAS offers employers, employees, and safety professionals a range of resources, educational materials, and training initiatives. These programs focus on risk awareness, safety procedures, emergency preparedness, and the proper use of personal protective equipment. By fostering a safety culture through awareness and training, EKAS empowers individuals to prioritize safety in their daily work activities.

Providing Support and Expertise

EKAS is a valuable resource by providing support and expertise to employers, employees, and health and safety professionals. Through its advisory services, EKAS offers guidance, technical assistance, and information on best practices related to occupational safety. Employers can seek advice on safety protocols, risk assessments, and compliance with safety regulations. Employees benefit from EKAS's expertise by better understanding their rights, safety responsibilities, and measures to protect themselves in the workplace. Health and safety professionals can rely on EKAS's resources and recommendations to enhance their knowledge and skills in safety management.

Collaboration and Coordination

EKAS recognizes the significance of collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders to ensure consistent implementation of occupational safety measures. The commission collaborates with federal and cantonal authorities, industry associations, and health and safety professionals to share knowledge, exchange best practices, and address emerging challenges. By fostering collaboration and coordination, EKAS facilitates the exchange of expertise and experiences, leading to improved safety practices across industries and sectors. Through partnerships, EKAS strengthens the collective effort to create a safe and healthy work environment.


The Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (EKAS) is pivotal in ensuring workplace safety excellence in Switzerland. EKAS contributes to a safe and healthy work environment for all through its key functions of setting occupational safety guidelines, conducting inspections and assessments, promoting awareness and training, providing support and expertise, and fostering collaboration and coordination. By establishing guidelines, conducting inspections, and engaging in various initiatives, EKAS is a reliable resource and partner in creating a safety culture in Swiss workplaces. Organizations, employers, employees, and safety professionals can rely on EKAS's expertise and guidance to enhance their safety practices and protect the well-being of workers across the country.

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